Today, however, more and more people are coming to realize the many health benefits of yoga and are becoming more involved. Men and women of all ages realize the positive effects it has on the mind as well as the body. Classes are filled with people who hope to achieve these results.

What are these benefits?

It helps relaxation

asdsdFor starters, yoga does help one relax. Some classes are taught and attended for the sole purpose of relaxation. Not only is relaxation important in reducing stress, but it can also lead to other improvements as well. The relaxing effect is shown in reduced heart rate and blood pressure. Of course, that is part of the relaxation. But reduced blood pressure also means reduced risk of stroke and heart disease. This increased heart health has also sparked interest in studies directly linking the exercises to lowered cholesterol and boosts in the immune system.

Improve flexibility

It is also associated with improved flexibility. Many of the exercises are geared toward achieving more flexible muscles. Flexible muscles grow more easily and thus aid in building strength. Muscles that are taut and stiff hold stress as well as impurities in the body. Stretching releases these toxins. It is also good for blood circulation and stress reduction.

Yoga improve blood circulation

And speaking of improved blood circulation: when the blood circulates better, more oxygen is delivered throughout the body more efficiently. This includes oxygen to the brain. More oxygen to the brain leads to better memory and concentration skills. It also has been shown to improve general mood and stave off depression. That is probably why yoga practitioners claim to have clearer heads and to be in better frames of mind more often.

Yoga help in stress management

One of the main focuses is on breathing. Much attention is paid to proper breathing including deep breaths and full utilization of all the air taken in with each inhalation. By the way, this also contributes to the better blood circulation and reduced stress mentioned earlier. Additionally, by taking control of breathing, one can put themselves into an aerobic state. This is when stored fat is burned by the body. So, weight loss can be achieved too.

Yoga help to improve individual stability

azXcxzdcIn addition to aerobic “workouts” there are strength building exercises too. The many positions each target different muscles and build strength and endurance. There are standing, seated and lying poses. Some are geared toward upper body while others target legs and lower body. Just about any pose, when done correctly, will strengthen the abdominal muscles. And do not forget that firmer, stronger abs is pivotal to better posture and the reduction of back and neck pain.