Maintaining good anal hygiene


Hemorrhoids, anal fissures, and other rectal problems are some of the most tormenting lower body issues experienced by many of us. Maintaining good anal hygiene is of utmost importance for your rectal health and overall wellbeing.

A few easy tips for maintaining good anal hygiene

Wipe gently

While bathing, you need to apply gentle soap in the rectal area and avoid rubbing or scrubbing it. Make use of lukewarm water to wash and cleanse your anus. It is recommended that you go for good quality toilet paper which would prevent chafing and sores in the rectal area. Wipe your anus gently with three folds of soft toilet papers. Make sure to wipe from front to back so as to prevent the feces from coming in contact with the genitals.


However, if you are suffering from anal fissures, you should ideally stay away from toilet papers and instead use disposable baby wipes for cleansing the rectal area. Always dry the area with a clean towel after a wash or wipe.

Keep it free of moisture

It is important that you keep your rectal area dry since moisture would aggravate the rectal infection. You can use power or keep a cotton wad between the buttocks to prevent the skin from moistening. If you find blood in the cotton ball, then you need to talk to your physician promptly.

Never hold in your bowels or force it

In order to maintain good anal hygiene, you should keep away from forcing or holding in the bowels. Drink lots of water before defecating and try not to sit on the bowl for more than 5 minutes. In case you are unable to do the business within 5 minutes, you need to take a break, drink some more water and then give it another shot.

Zinc Oxide paste or powder

Application of zinc oxide paste or powder after cleaning the rectal area can greatly help in reducing irritation. On, you will learn how to bleach your anal region effectively.

Use warm water


Warm water helps to remove the bacteria and is considered a very effective remedy for anal fissures. Soak a piece of soft cotton cloth in hot water and apply it to the anus for 2-3 minutes for about four times a day. Always dry your buttocks well after each soak.

Change underwear regularly

It goes without saying that you need to change your underwear everyday in order to avoid anal infection and irritation.