Maintaining good anal hygiene


Hemorrhoids, anal fissures, and other rectal problems are some of the most tormenting lower body issues experienced by many of us. Maintaining good anal hygiene is of utmost importance for your rectal health and overall wellbeing.

A few easy tips for maintaining good anal hygiene

Wipe gently

While bathing, you need to apply gentle soap in the rectal area and avoid rubbing or scrubbing it. Make use of lukewarm water to wash and cleanse your anus. It is recommended that you go for good quality toilet paper which would prevent chafing and sores in the rectal area. Wipe your anus gently with three folds of soft toilet papers. Make sure to wipe from front to back so as to prevent the feces from coming in contact with the genitals.


However, if you are suffering from anal fissures, you should ideally stay away from toilet papers and instead use disposable baby wipes for cleansing the rectal area. Always dry the area with a clean towel after a wash or wipe.

Keep it free of moisture

It is important that you keep your rectal area dry since moisture would aggravate the rectal infection. You can use power or keep a cotton wad between the buttocks to prevent the skin from moistening. If you find blood in the cotton ball, then you need to talk to your physician promptly.

Never hold in your bowels or force it

In order to maintain good anal hygiene, you should keep away from forcing or holding in the bowels. Drink lots of water before defecating and try not to sit on the bowl for more than 5 minutes. In case you are unable to do the business within 5 minutes, you need to take a break, drink some more water and then give it another shot.

Zinc Oxide paste or powder

Application of zinc oxide paste or powder after cleaning the rectal area can greatly help in reducing irritation. On, you will learn how to bleach your anal region effectively.

Use warm water


Warm water helps to remove the bacteria and is considered a very effective remedy for anal fissures. Soak a piece of soft cotton cloth in hot water and apply it to the anus for 2-3 minutes for about four times a day. Always dry your buttocks well after each soak.

Change underwear regularly

It goes without saying that you need to change your underwear everyday in order to avoid anal infection and irritation.…

Home Remedies For The Flu


The term flu is used to refer a common viral infection, influenza, which affects the nose, throat, lungs, including the complete upper respiratory system. The common symptoms are high temperature, headache, chills and sweats, runny nose, and a complete loss of appetite. Some people have symptoms like backaches, fatigue, and feeling of being washed out, diarrhea and sometimes vomiting in young children. There is no cause for worry as there are simple home remedies for flu which can lessen the symptoms of flu and help in early recovery.

Flu remedies

Use elderberry syrup

wqsddseElderberry in any form for example, as juice, tea or syrup is a potent home remedy that can help to knock out the symptoms of flu. Elderberry juice can be mixed with lemon juice and honey, or it can be brewed as a tea and taken to purify the lungs and skin. It also can generate perspiration to reduce fever. It has calming properties and acts as a detoxifier to reduce congestion caused in respiratory organs.

Homemade chicken soup

Homemade chicken soup takes care of the symptoms of flu, and it is also one of the age old home remedies for flu. Rest is also the most simple and effective home remedy because it helps the body to relax and the immune system to ward off the virus. The intake of fruits which are rich in vitamin C like oranges, mango, papaya, guava, etc. helps to boost the immune system and provides relief from the symptoms of flu.

Chew few cloves of ginger root

A dry cough which is a symptom of flu tires the body and prevents the patients from getting enough sleep. Therefore, to prevent a cough it is better to chew few cloves of ginger root or take a mixture of the age -old home remedy that is a mixture of ginger and honey. To prevent a cough, honey can also be mixed with a cup of hot water and taken. Garlic, the kitchen queen, when taken initially, lessens the severity of the symptoms of flu.

Take some water

ewrtasaFlu is always accompanied by vomiting, diarrhea, etc., so the body suffers from dehydration. So the herbal remedy to counter dehydration is to have a good intake of liquids. The patients should have plenty of water, fruit juices, warm soups, herbal teas, electrolytic beverages, etc. to keep the body well hydrated. An important thing that the patient should avoid is caffeinated drinks and also alcohol. Keeping indoors humidified is another effective home remedy because the moist air helps to prevent the spread of flu and also relieve nasal congestion.…

Know The Different Types Of Depression


Depression is undoubtedly the most popular psychological problem, and I also think that all people have had it at some point in our lives. Most have surpassed it expediently; others took a little while, and some perhaps are still stuck with it, wallowing and feeling weak, useless and despairing. Often, the person is unable to know if she or he already has it and some also don’t know that there exist various forms of depression for which you may not be aware it exhibits in you.

Types of depression

Dysthymic depression

Also called “dysthemia,” a kind of depression where the sufferer may have been coping with the lot their entire life, oftentimes being sad and melancholic. They do not feel pleasant with their existence, frightened to just consider going through things, truly feel useless and not satisfied and may not love life in almost any point.

Atypical depression

szxadAnother variety of depression where the victim may still have times of delight and fulfillment. But, they assume that the outside world is in charge of their emotional wellbeing, things such as success, good remarks or attention. This form of depression might probably last for a long time or that the sufferer may possibly live with it for the rest of his or her life. It is like living a lie; you disguise your depression with a false happy face controlled by your external situations in your daily life, but that happiness is merely superficial and only enjoyed that moment in time.

Manic depression

A suicidal sort of depression, thus is considered the most crucial and the worst of all forms. The person could have mood shifts from depressive disorders to mania, they build a very low self-esteem causing them to end their own life. It is similar to being in a psychological state in which the sufferer believes that there is absolutely no point of living and believes that taking your own life is the only peace and freedom.

Psychotic depression

Persons who suffer from psychotic depression report hearing voices, seeing things and people that no one else can. At this stage, the person needs immediate medical attention.

Seasonal depression

Also known as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), seasonal depression is most common during the winter months when the days are darker. This is believed to be linked to a lessening of sunlight leading to some people becoming sad. Most sufferers of SAD see their mood lighten and they become happier as spring arrives.

Severe Depression / Chronic depression

qsdwsdeThis type of depression is also known as dysthymia. The chronic depressions main feature is the fact that it lasts over a long period, from a few months to years. Persons who suffer from severe depression can appear to function normally for a long period although they tend to be perpetually sad.…